Book Resources

For Every Family Situation

We’ve compiled the list of resources below to help families in coping with a variety of situations. There are many tools available for those who need care and those who provide care, and we hope this list will help you on your personal journey.

COVID-19 Resources

With COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, many may find themselves caring for a loved one at home. These resources aim to provide education and tips to ensure new family caregivers are providing safe and effective care to their loved ones.

5 Tips for Talking to Your Parents

Download our FREE ebook on how to start the conversation with mom and dad about the future.

Caregiving Encouragement

We all need a little encouragement now and then, and that’s especially true when you’ve taken on the role of a caregiver. The suggested reading list below is a good place to start when you need some inspiration and reinforcement in your role.

Facing Other Illnesses

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness, life changes for everyone. These resources can be helpful in navigating these changes.

Advice for Adult Children

We’ve heard it many times: adult children often tell us that their parents just won’t listen to them when they’re trying to help them with life changes. Read these books to find out the best ways to have these conversations.

Growing Older: Plans and Insights

All of us want to grow older in a home setting where we’re comfortable, and we want to continue to feel that we have a purpose and a place. To learn more about aging in place, purposeful aging, and perceptions about growing older, check out these books.

End of Life Care and Planning

Talking about death is very difficult for most of us. The books listed below provide insights on the dying process and our attitudes about it as well as information about legal documents we should all have in place.

Online Resources

For Every Family Situation

We try to provide the most useful online resources for seniors, caregivers, and families. Below is a list of local and national resources you may find helpful on your senior care journey.

Finding Care for Your Love One

If you feel your loved one needs more help at home or if you are looking for placement options, there are a number of resources to help you locate, review ratings, and contact providers that fit your specific needs.

Information about Aging and Area Aging Resources

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness, life changes for everyone. These resources can be helpful in navigating these changes.

Support for Caregivers

We know that being a caregiver takes a special heart. We also know how overwhelming being a caregiver can be. For inspiration and support, we encourage caregivers to take a look at these sites.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Resources

The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that approximately 5.1 million Americans have Alzheimer’s Disease. That number is expected to rise with the increase of an older population. Education about the disease process and the best practices for treating and coping with the disease is a must. We are fortunate in the Metro Atlanta area to have a research group that is doing studies specifically related to dementia, and you may want to explore options for participation in one of their studies.

Medication Information

know more about the medications you’re taking? Want to be sure there are no recalls for the medicines on your shelf? Check out these sites!

Home Modification and Equipment Resources

You may have more options than you know! Many offerings are available for home modifications, medical equipment, and resources to help your loved one be safe at home.

Activities for Senior Engagement Resources

Meaningful accomplishments and activities are important to us all. Click below to discover resources to keep your loved one happy and engaged.

Disease-Specific Resources

If your loved one has been diagnosed with a particular disease, the first step to help is to educate yourself on that disease process. These sites provide useful tips for living with chronic diseases and connect you with support groups and other resources.

Financial and Legal Information

We often work with families who are seeking resources about financial and legal options needed when caring for aging loved ones. Here are some helpful resources about paying for senior care, completing the required legal forms, and trusted elder care partners.

Home Care Associations & Information

Help with understanding in-home care and locating a provider is just a click away!

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