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Hand-Selected Senior Care Experts

Our professional staff has combined experience of over 150 years in the health care management field. Our team includes a staff of geriatric care managers, licensed RNs and PTs, and professional office personnel to assist with any questions both during business hours, after hours, and on weekends.
Beth Cayce

Beth Cayce, PT, MS

Founder & CEO

Passion & Compassion. These are the cornerstones of a 42-year career dedicated to healthcare. The passion to help others and the compassion for their special needs were spawned at age 16, when I become the primary caregiver for my family’s seniors. I saw then how demanding, how exhausting, how emotionally draining such work could be — how family love and devotion, no matter how selfless, were just not enough. Instinctively, I realized additional support was not only desirable but essential to the very viability of the family unit. That vision inspired me to start a locally-owned and family operated business with one mission: to care for your family as if they were our own.
Bear Mahon, President & COO

Bear Mahon

President & COO

Bear joined the senior living industry because of a desire to serve others. Mahon’s interest in service comes naturally, growing up in a military family and beginning his career in rehabilitative services.

Lori Koyuncu, Vice President of Clinical Operations

Lori Koyuncu, RN

Vice President of Clinical Operations

“I love serving Seniors/caregivers because each of them have their own story to tell and when I hear about their life experiences, I always have something to take away. It enables me to grow as a person, to better understand others, and not be judgmental.”

Nancy Marvin

Nancy Marvin, MSM, OTR/L

VP of Business Development

“I love working with seniors and caregivers because I had a very meaningful relationship with my “Granny” and feel my calling is to advocate for caregivers who have lost sight of caring for themselves.”

Amy Brannen

Amy Brannen

Vice President of Operations

“Seniors just have a way of turning even the hardest day into something meaningful. All I have to do is go back to memory care and am told how beautiful I am, and that just makes everything better!”

Ginny Callaway

Ginny Callaway


“Serving seniors and/or caregivers gives me an opportunity to remind them how important they are by listening carefully to their needs or concerns.”

Laura Cayce

Laura Cayce, LMSW, GCM

Director of Care Management

“I have gained so much from working with seniors. Our elders have a lifetime of knowledge and so many valuable life lessons and experiences to share. I never have a day without smiles, laughter and feeling blessed to help our elders in their journey in aging.”

Connie Gerlach

Connie Gerlach, RN

Community Liaison & Registered Nurse

“They (seniors and caregivers) open your eyes to life’s real treasures: a smile, a hand to hold, the gift of love and each other all the while taking time to step back and be grateful for it all.”

Juanita Pro

Juanita Pro

Case Manager Coordinator

“I’ve been working with seniors since high school. I love getting to build relationships with them as they share their amazing stories and unique wisdom.”

Elissa Ewald

Elissa Ewald

Director of Education and Communication

“Getting to work with seniors is like joining a big family. I love the wisdom and humor they offer in each interaction, and they remind me every day to live in the moment.”

Annette Mize

Annette Mize

Director of Talent Acquisition and Engagement

“It brings me great satisfaction assisting caregivers in joining an agency so dedicated to excellent customer service, and knowing that those caregivers will be helping our seniors that are in need is very rewarding.”

Ron Coffie

Ron Coffie, Jr.

Director of Community Relations

“I enjoy working with seniors because It’s a true calling a labor of love for me, our seniors have open so many doors for all of us so working with them each day is a small token of appreciation my way of giving back to those who have sacrifice so much for us.”

Cierra Pro

Cierra Pro

Case Manager

“Serving seniors has helped me to realize that the most important thing you leave behind in this world is how you have impacted others in their lives.”

Chatity Mallard

Chatity Mallard, RN

Community Liason & Registered Nurse

“The closest thing to being cared for is caring for someone else.”

DeLee Udelson

DeLee Udelson

Medical Records Administrator

“Serving seniors has helped me to realize that the most important thing you leave behind in this world is how you have impacted others in their lives.”

Lisa Reeder

Lisa Reeder

Accounting Representative, Accounts Payable & Receivable

“It always nice to know that I am helping others navigate through and resolve issues and in turn hopefully give them the peace of mind that their concerns are being handled and the freedom to focus on other things important to them.”

Crystal Brazel

Crystal Brazel

Accounting Representative, Human Resources

“I truly believe I serve God by serving others.”

Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker

Administrative Assistant

“I enjoy helping caregivers and seniors by providing knowledge, help, and kind words (and/or a smile), because it gives me pleasure to help others.”

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