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About CaraVita

Is CaraVita licensed and insured?

CaraVita Home Care is licensed by the state of Georgia’s Department of Community Health. CaraVita Home Care is fully insured for liability and worker’s compensation.

Does your agency have flexibility in scheduling?

CaraVita Home Care’s scheduling is very flexible with care available from a minimum of 2 hours up to 24 hours per day and live-in services. We strive to meet our client’s needs and will always put our clients first.

Is CaraVita locally owned?

CaraVita Home Care is locally owned and operated in the metro Atlanta area since 1998.

What range of services do you provide?

CaraVita Home Care provides a wide range of services to fit our client’s individual needs. Please visit our service page for more information. In addition to our wide range of services, CaraVita Home Care’s services are case managed by an RN experienced in geriatric care.

Does the agency require you to sign a contract or pay a retainer up front?

CaraVita Home Care does not require an upfront retainer or a contract. The only paperwork that is needed is a service agreement by the state of Georgia that can be canceled with 24-hour notice at any time.

About Our Caregivers

Are your caregivers bonded?

Our caregivers are employees, have criminal background checks (bonding assurance), have liability insurance, and have worker’s compensation insurance. Bonding is a check of criminal record, while the insurance protects against liability in the event of an accident or verified theft.

Are the caregivers your employees or contractors?

CaraVita Home Care’s caregivers are our employees.

Are the caregivers Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) or sitters/companions?

CaraVita Home Care’s caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants who have been through a state-approved CNA program.

How are the caregivers screened?

CaraVita Home Care conducts a state wide criminal background check on all caregivers. Previous employment reference checks are also conducted in an attempt to ensure that we only hire qualified caregivers at the top of their field. We also conduct problem-solving sessions to determine the caregiver’s acumen in handling physically, cognitively, and behaviorally challenging situations.

The Right Senior Care For You

How does home care differ from home health?

Home care is non-skilled assistance with activities of daily living in the comfort of the client’s home. Home care is primarily private pay unless LTC (long term care) insurance or VA benefits are available to the client. Home care can work in conjunction with home health in providing care for longer intervals. CaraVita Home Care is a home care provider.

Home health is primarily a skilled assistance where physical therapy, occupational therapy, or nursing services are needed. A visit with a short bath by an aide may also be included but they will only assist with the bath and none of the other daily activities. Home health is covered by Medicare and some private insurance. Home health is also only authorized for a limited amount of time and requires a doctor’s authorization.

What if I hire an agency with contractors?

More often than not, agencies with contractors are often less expensive because they do not deduct withholdings, taxes, pay worker’s compensation, and liability. However, you and the agency can both be exposed according to federal and state guidelines for taxes, withholding, unemployment, worker’s compensation, and liability.

What is my exposure if I just hire a caregiver?

Hiring an agency like CaraVita provides you with the safest and highest quality choice in caring for adults in their homes. If you hire a caregiver individually, they are your employee and you are responsible for state, federal, and individual liabilities. You have to manage their time. If they are out sick, you have no agency to provide coverage. Also as your employee, you must deduct federal and state income, Medicare, and unemployment taxes, as well as worker’s compensation. Once you discharge them, they can file unemployment. You also have liability for injury and auto coverage either as primary or secondary.

For your safety, you also need to make sure they are free of Tuberculosis, have been criminally background checked, are licensed, and have CPR training. We, at CaraVita, manage these costs and your exposure with professionally managed and trained employees in an agency that is licensed and inspected by the State of Georgia. We have regular care coordination and oversight, a 24/7 help line for schedule changes, back-up caregiver coverage, and provide ongoing caregiver and family training to make health care transitioning easier.

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