Older adults find that normal daily activities can start to become a bigger challenge than they were in the past. It’s not an option to just let your elderly family member continue to struggle. Having just a little bit of extra help from a home care provider can make all the difference in the world for your elderly family member’s overall attitude and self-esteem.

Here are just a few of the ways that your elderly family member might need some extra help and that home care aides can provide.

Personal Care Tasks

Home Care Alpharetta GA - What Daily Activities Does Your Senior Need Help Managing?

Home Care Alpharetta GA – What Daily Activities Does Your Senior Need Help Managing?

Personal care tasks are activities such as getting dressed, going to the bathroom, and bathing. These tasks might be ones that your senior feels embarrassed to need help with, but home care professionals work hard to assist while preserving your senior’s dignity at all times. No matter how personal the tasks are, your senior can get the help that she needs in order to stay healthy and safe.

Household Chores and Cleaning

Some of the tasks around cleaning and taking care of her home might be ones that are now becoming a big challenge for your aging family member. It’s not unusual for aging adults to realize that these tasks are taking a lot more time than they used to and they wear themselves out more than they did before. It makes more sense for your senior to spend her energy wisely, and to let other people help with these sorts of tasks.

Tasks Related to Food and Meals

Another task just like household tasks is probably cooking and meal preparation. This is likely to be a problem for your senior especially if she lives alone and only cooks for herself. It can feel like way too much effort to go through just for herself, but having home care providers doing the cooking ensures your senior is eating healthy foods.

Overnight Support from Home Care Aides

Sometimes seniors have more trouble during the night than they do during the day. Maneuvering at night can be a problem, and your aging family member may find she’s worn out trying to deal with challenges overnight. And as her family caregiver, you may need your nights to rest up for daytime challenges, too. Having help from home care professionals overnight ensures you’re both getting your needs met.

Transportation Help

Is it still safe for your senior to drive? If not, she still needs help with transportation. Continuing to drive even after she knows that it’s not safe for her to do so can lead to some serious consequences for your elderly family member. Instead, it’s much better for home care providers to do the driving for her. Your elderly family member is still able to get where she needs to go at any time and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your senior is safe and in good hands.

Home care providers can help your senior with these tasks and so much more besides. It all depends on what your elderly family member needs help managing and when she needs that extra help.

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