Unpaid caregivers provide an average of 22.3 hours of care a week. More than half of these caregivers are family caregivers helping a parent. Women are more likely to fill this role. In fact, 63% of unpaid caregivers are female. In your family, you are the daughter providing your mom’s care. September 25th is National Daughter’s Day, a day when parents are supposed to honor their daughters. As a family caregiver, it’s an important day for taking time and looking at all you do. Is it feasible to continue on this path? Would it help to hire home care providers to step in and assist you?

Consider Your Self-Care Needs

Home Care Marietta GA - National Daughter's Day - Address Your Role as a Family Caregiver

Home Care Marietta GA – National Daughter’s Day – Address Your Role as a Family Caregiver

What are your self-care needs and how often are you meeting them? Do you see your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and exam? If you have gum disease, you may need to go more often than twice a year.

Once a year, you should see your doctor for a routine health exam. This may mean blood draws to check your cholesterol level. It should include measuring your weight, height, and blood pressure. A pelvic exam and pap smear may be necessary.

Mammograms, colonoscopies, and blood panels to check your iron are also important. Finally, ask if it’s time to have your bone density measured.

You need to have time to exercise every day. The goal is 30 minutes of moderate or brisk activity at least five days a week. Leave time each day to get outside and walk or ride your bike. Swim laps or go jogging.

Do you often get to visit your friends? Socialization is essential for your mental and physical health. Take time each week to join your friends for a meal, a walk, or a girl’s night where you watch movies and share a bottle of wine or have a potluck meal together.

That’s your health, exercise, and socialization taken care of. The remaining part of your self-care routine should be doing something you enjoy. Do you have a favorite hobby? Put together a jigsaw, play some video games, read a book, or get out in your garden.

You might enjoy putting together flower arrangements with the flowers from your garden. It’s a great hobby and one that can bring in some extra cash.

Make Sure Someone Supports You by Hiring Home Care Aides

You’re busy supporting your mom all week. Who supports you? If you don’t have anyone helping out, it’s time to look at home care services. Ask our home care expert about respite care services where a caregiver comes and takes over for a while so that you can take a break.

Respite care services ensure you’re able to take breaks as often as you need. Call our home care agency to get started.

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