When can I start Medicare?

Written by Bonnie Dobbs, Senior Health Benefits Consultant

Elder Care Roswell GA - When Can I Start Medicare?

Elder Care Roswell GA – When Can I Start Medicare?

You can start Medicare year-round, but there are rules.

One of the many misconceptions about Medicare is when to enroll. Often people call my office for advice. Some think they can only enroll during annual enrollment or when their employer insurance is up for renewal. This is the wrong information.

Let’s talk about those specific time frames as they depend on your situation.

When you turn 65, regardless of the month, there is a 7-month window to enroll. That window is 3 months before your birthday month, the month of your birthday, and 3 months after.

If you’re retiring past age 65, you have 2 months or 63 days after the retirement day. The reason is because July and August both have 31 days.

If you become disabled and are under 65, you will be deemed Medicare eligible 24 months after your disability payments begin. You should receive your Medicare card 3 months in advance of your eligibility.

There are exceptions for those under 65. If you have ALS, you are Medicare eligible immediately, and for those diagnosed with ESRD, you qualify in 3 months.

Contact a local broker who can research all the options in your service area. Please know the plan will not begin before your Part B start date.

Please contact our office at 770-373-7541 if you have any questions regarding Medicare.

Bonnie Dobbs is a highly sought-after author, panelist, and speaker on Medicare, teaching thousands online, in print, and in person! The Founder of Insurance and Other Red Tape, Bonnie is a broker contracted with multiple insurance carriers and has a team of agents licensed in Georgia and many other states. Their services are always free. www.medicareandotherredtape.com

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