January is National Walk Your Pet Month. For those living in the frozen northern states, it might seem like a somewhat silly and even dangerous month to have as a Walk Your Pet Month. Frigid temps, slippery walkways, and darkness can make walking your dog during January difficult at best. But those more southern states enjoy January’s cooler temps and the possibility to get out without temperatures in the 90s and humidity to match. It can be the perfect time to go strolling through the neighborhoods with your dog. Having companionship from assistance in the home providers is an added benefit.

Assistance in the Home Marietta GA - Taking the Dog for a Walk this Month

Assistance in the Home Marietta GA – Taking the Dog for a Walk this Month

So, if you and your aging loved one live in an area that has a pleasant climate this month, it’s a great time to encourage your loved one to get out and walk the dog every day. It’ll not only benefit your loved one but the dog as well. Exercise and fresh air can improve their spirits and their health – both physical and mental.

Here are a few suggestions for you, your loved one, or their assistance in the home provider to make walking the dog even more pleasant for your loved one.

Walk with a friend. While the dog is sniffing every blade of grass, your loved one might enjoy having someone to chat with as they walk the dog. Assistance in the home providers can go with them on these walks, or a family member might want to join. If the dog is a larger dog who pulls on a leash occasionally, having someone like assistance in the home provider help with holding the leash can prevent your loved one from being yanked and possibly falling. Assistance in the home provider can also help with picking up after the dog if your loved one has a difficult time bending over. Just remember to pack enough poop bags.

Walk in the daylight. No matter where you live, the days are shorter in the winter, even if the temps are pleasant. While 8 pm walks may be nice in July, in most areas, it’s much too dark to walk at that time of night. Try to encourage your loved one to walk the dog while the sun is shining. It’ll not only provide the light they need but will also give your loved one some much-needed Vitamin D. 15 minutes a day can help replenish the body’s need for Vitamin D.

If you walk at night, make sure your loved one and her pet have reflective clothing on, even if they’re walking in a well-lit area. You can buy something specific, or even just put reflective tape strips on the dog harness or your loved one’s jacket. A flashlight can help when they cross those less well-lit areas.

Dress in layers. Even warmer states can see a sharp drop in temps as the sun sets. If your loved one is going for a long stroll with her dog, make sure they have layers to keep her warm when those temps drop so that she doesn’t develop a chill if she stays out with the dog too long.

If you live in a colder area, you can still walk your dog as well, just use caution with the pathways your loved one uses, and make sure both your loved one and their dog have bundled up appropriately.

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