In Memory of Mrs. Regina Naana Appiah – written by Laura Cayce, Director of Cara Management

The Caravita family immensely grieves the loss of a beloved caregiver and friend of over 11 years. We all are so sad and deeply sorrowed by Regina’s loss. I know Regina’s love and dedication to caring for others reached and touched all. Her dedication to seniors and caring for those most in need was always clearly present. There was no one that came before Regina, that she did not love unconditionally, strongly, with faith, and devotion. As a Geriatric Social Worker and Director of Care Management with Caravita, I had come to know Regina early on. I was young, around 27 when we first met. I admired her love and passion as I shared it. It helped me grow and mold my own. I knew she was always someone I could rely on. A caregiver I could send to any complex and difficult situation. She always was calm, patient, kind, and grateful. Always, present in times we needed her the most.

Regina was a person, that I would want to take care of my own mom, dad, and family. She was a person I always admired, an employee, and the person that I wish I could “clone” as all in this world would be a better place. She was not just a caregiver or employee, but a devout leader of God’s faith & love, a friend, a mother, a sister, a grandmother, and most importantly a child of God. She was admired and loved by all families and clients she worked with as well as fellow employees. She never judged and carried on her duties to her best. Regina as we know was a very strong-willed woman. During times of hardship and need, she would lead. Her love and will was turned on, heightened. When the need was great, so was her level of work and love. When she could have turned it off, she turned it on. She turned it up loudly and proudly, with all those in need benefiting. This was how Regina loved. This is her legacy and the lesson which she gave me, and I will share it with others.

She has left me, others, and this place we call home, a much better place in which to live. I am honored to have come to know her and watch her serve all with such beauty and grace. She has helped grow my faith and so many others. She will be deeply missed.

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