There may be a time when your senior needs some more specialized care than they have needed in the past. Some of these tasks fall under the category of personal care. These are tasks related to bathing, getting dressed, and more that your senior may have always been able to manage on their own before. Personal care at home services can ensure that your senior has the help that they need with these tasks while ensuring that they don’t feel bad about having that help.

Transfer and Positioning Assistance

Personal Care at Home Marietta GA - How Can Personal Care at Home Help Your Senior with Daily Tasks?

Personal Care at Home Marietta GA – How Can Personal Care at Home Help Your Senior with Daily Tasks?

Whether your elderly family member is bedridden, uses a wheelchair, or simply has difficulty with mobility, she may need assistance with transferring and repositioning during the day. Having this type of help reduces the risk your senior will develop pressure sores. It can also help them to maintain the mobility that they do have, while safely moving as much as they can.

Personal Care at Home Aides Assist with Meal Preparation and Feeding

If your elderly family member has trouble eating, she may also be missing out on essential nutrition. Difficulty feeding herself and preparing meals is something that can be resolved with the right help, however. Caregivers not only cook foods that are easy for your senior to eat, but they’re also nutrient-dense, which ensures that they aren’t missing out on what their body needs. And if she needs physical help with eating, they can help with that, too.

Bathing and Personal and Dental Hygiene Performed with Personal Care at Home Aides

Many different issues can lead to problems with bathing and other personal hygiene tasks for your senior. Personal care at home is there to help your senior to be safe while bathing, including transitioning into and out of the tub safely. They can also help to make sure your elderly family member is able to have clean hair and fresh clothing every day.

Dental hygiene is another area that can become impossible for your senior for a variety of reasons. Whether she has dentures that need special care or simply needs help with brushing her teeth, your senior can have the help that they need to keep her mouth as healthy as possible. Maintaining dental health can make eating easier, too.

Incontinence and Toileting

If your elderly family member is having issues with incontinence, personal care at home can be a huge help. There are special concerns when someone is dealing with incontinence that range beyond simply preventing leaks and getting to the bathroom on time. Caregivers are able to help your elderly family member to avoid skin irritation, stay clean, avoid odors, and not give up her dignity and independence in the process. That’s huge when you’re talking about a situation as embarrassing as incontinence can be for so many people.

There are other ways that personal care at home can make a difference in your senior’s daily life. The first step is assessing your elderly family member’s needs and determining how much help they need. From there, you can put together a full care plan to ensure that their needs get met.

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