If your mom or dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it can be devastating to hear, and you may not know what to do. However, the most important thing to know is that you should not panic. This is not a death sentence, and with the help of 24-hour home care providers, your senior mom or dad can live a high-quality life while battling this disease. One thing you may start to notice is that your loved ones do not sleep as much as they should, or they are developing bad routines.

Luckily, there are tips you and 24-hour home care providers can try to get your loved one to sleep better at night.

Focus On Lighting

24-Hour Home Care Marietta - How to Help Your Loved One With Alzheimer's Sleep

24-Hour Home Care Marietta – How to Help Your Loved One With Alzheimer’s Sleep

If there is too much light in the room your senior is trying to sleep in, it can keep them up at night. Your seniors may forget to turn off lights, but this is an important step in their nightly routine. First, close their curtains and ensure they’re thick enough to block out any streetlights or even light from the moon. Blocking out the light will help their bodies start creating melatonin, a natural chemical produced in the body to help make you sleepy.

Look at Medications

Understand what your senior is taking. Some medications may keep them up or make them feel energized. If that is the case, have your loved one talk to their doctors to see if they can start taking it in the morning. Doctors should always be consulted before making a change, and they may decide your loved one needs a different medication altogether. It is important to observe how your elderly parent reacts after taking medications.

Focus on Routine

Doing the main things around the same time every day can benefit someone losing their memory. Eventually, they will do something at the same time, so often, their body will just know what to do. Even if they can’t remember 9 PM is bedtime, they may start getting tired around that time anyways.

Get Active

Working out right before bed can keep a senior up. However, they should still be moving around. Keep your senior busy and moving as much as their body can handle. This will help them blow off extra energy and make them sleepy. Getting tired is one of the best ways to ensure your loved one will sleep at the right times and for as long as they should.

Avoid Caffeine

Drinking a caffeinated beverage right before bed is not the best idea, but your loved one may not know something has caffeine in it, or they may forget about what time it is. Again, this is something that you or 24-hour home care can keep an eye on. Another drink a senior should be avoiding is any type of alcohol before bed. This can be a hard habit to kick, especially if they have been enjoying an afternoon drink for a long time.

Be With Them

If your senior does wake up in the middle of the night, it can be scary, especially if they are losing their memory. This is why it can be crucial to have 24-hour home care around; they can be there to comfort your loved one while you’re still asleep.

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