We rely heavily on our ability to hear in order to successfully communicate with others. Hearing impairment is considered a common ailment in older adults but coupled with cognitive decline a person’s quality of life can be significantly diminished and result in decreased independence. The introduction and use of hearing aids can help combat this issue.

Elder Care Roswell GA - Dementia - 5 Top Factors that Influence Hearing Aid Use

Elder Care Roswell GA – Dementia – 5 Top Factors that Influence Hearing Aid Use

Carryover of proper wear and use of a hearing aid with individuals with dementia can prove to be difficult to the point of just giving up on trying to get somewhere to wear it and trying to compensate for the hearing loss in other ways.

Here are some factors that may affect a person’s successful use of hearing aids and some interventions we can use to encourage proper and more frequent wear.

1. The hearing aid can be difficult to handle. As dementia progresses, individuals lose a significant amount of their fine motor function or the use of their fingers to perform delicate tasks.

What can we do?

Determine the functional schedule of the person’s day to ensure that they are getting assistance with placing the hearing aid properly as soon as their day starts. This will allow for successful communication during tasks from the moment they wake up.

2. Having a positive experience when using the hearing aid can encourage more frequent and prolonged use of the hearing aid.

What can we do?

Provide positive feedback after placement and during use. Recognize positive sounds in the environment that they might not otherwise hear without the hearing aid.

3. Poor fitting or uncomfortable devices discourage the use of the hearing aid.

What can we do?

Ensure appropriate follow-ups with the person’s audiologist especially if you begin to notice an increase in the person not wanting to wear the device.

4. A person’s interaction with their environment like excessive background noise or whistling of the device can reduce use.

What can we do?

Ensure that the batteries are functioning properly and try to reduce excessive unnecessary background noise.

5. Receiving social reinforcement can enable frequent and prolonged use of hearing aids.

What can we do?

Provide positive feedback about the person’s use of the device.

This article was inspired by McKnights Clinical Daily News. See their website for detailed information.

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