July 25 is World Drowning Prevention Day. It is a day to help communities and individuals think about the necessary steps they can take to reduce the number of drownings. You might often only think about drowning as a concern for parents of young children, but any age can drown, and oftentimes, any skilled swimmer can drown if they are placed in a situation that they are unable to stay afloat in. Assistance in the home provider can provide extra eyes on your loved one and their safety.

Assistance in the Home Alpharetta GA - Tips to Prevent Drowning for Your Senior

Assistance in the Home Alpharetta GA – Tips to Prevent Drowning for Your Senior

Seniors can be especially susceptible to drowning because they can swim. Some seniors may not have swam much for decades but because they know they can swim, when vacationing or enjoying some time at the lake, they overextend themselves and find themselves in deep water without the energy or stamina to keep afloat.

Another area that is a concern for seniors with drowning is in the bathtub, hot tub, or backyard pool.

According to one study, seniors older than 65 years old, account for half of all bathtub drownings, 25 percent of pool deaths, and more than 50 percent of hot tub deaths.

So, what can you do to keep your aging loved one safe around water?

While at home

Having a safe place to shower and take a bath is important at home. If your senior is noticing they sometimes struggle a bit getting in and out of the tub, don’t wait for them to take a serious fall before you install some help. Railings can help make sure they can get a good grip and use their arms to steady themselves. Non-slip mats on the tub bottom can prevent their feet from sliding out from under them. If they need additional help, consider having an assistance in the home provider help them during their bath time and they will make sure your loved one is safe.

If your loved one has a pool or hot tub, they might think about not using them unless they have someone there to help in case they get into a bit of trouble. Planning swim time around his assistance in the home provider’s visit can make sure he’ll get in and out of the hot tub or pool safely, as well as be there in case they were to need emergency assistance.

While at the lake or river

First and foremost, your loved one should always wear a life vest when he’s in the water, even if it’s shallow or feels like a very familiar area. Many drownings occur when individuals don’t perceive the risks around them to be serious or real. And unfortunately, many elderly who have perhaps been doing the same activity for years will stop seeing the threat. The thought that they’ve taken the pontoon out on the lake every Fourth of July for 30 years without any incidents may cause them to think they don’t need to wear a life jacket now.

Finally, remind your loved one to not explore the outdoors alone. Having a friend or even assistance in the home provider join them helps ensure they have someone else to provide help in case something goes wrong.

Drowning is a very real threat and safety should always come first around water to prevent it from occurring.

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