Senior Home Care Roswell GA - Blessings to All in the New Year

Senior Home Care Roswell GA – Blessings to All in the New Year

Blessings to all in the New Year. We are excited to ring it in. We have had a hard year of pandemic. I like you have enjoyed being with extended family and friends over the holidays. With this privilege we also ask that each of you be caring and continue to practice safe practices especially after having visiting a lot of people you have not seen in a while. It is very important to wear a well fitted mask, practice frequent hand washing and social distance.


It is not a bad idea to wear a KN-95 mask in crowds, amongst people you do not know and most important around your vulnerable relatives and encourage their masking. Consider regular testing for the short term if you have any suspicion of illness, before and after travel and when visiting isolated seniors. Also watch those hands that tend to drift to your runny nose or wipe your eyes- use your hand sanitizer or hand wash.

But best of all, get vaccinated and a booster now after 4-6 months of last vaccination. Omicron has spread quickly and with more vaccinated and boosted, we can reduce its spread or evolution of new variants. You have been great in your support, and we pray for good health for you and your families in this New Year.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Senior Home Care Services in Roswell GA please contact the caring staff at CaraVita Home Care today. (770) 643-1712

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