As the days start to gradually get shorter, your senior might feel more like spending time outdoors before fall rolls in and gets too cool to enjoy being outside. But there are still some concerns, especially regarding heat and sun exposure. In-home care providers can help your loved one with some of these tips here.

Long Sleeves and a Hat

In-Home Care Roswell GA - In-Home Care: Late Summer Skin Care for Your Senior

In-Home Care Roswell GA – In-Home Care: Late Summer Skin Care for Your Senior

Protective clothing, like long sleeves, and a wide-brimmed hat are important if your senior spends any time at all outside. These items help him/her to keep his/her skin protected from the sun’s rays. It’s also a good idea to choose fabrics that are lighter in color and that are made of lightweight fabrics that breathe.

Shade and Sunscreen

Staying in the shade is also helpful, both in staying cooler and in keeping your senior’s skin as safe as possible. This is especially important if your senior is outside for more than a few short minutes. Make sure to continue to apply sunscreen, though, because even being in the shade isn’t full protection from every bit of sun.

Protect Your Senior’s Eyes

Eye protection is just as important as skin protection during hot weather. A wide-brimmed hat offers some protection for your senior’s eyes, but sunglasses that block broad-spectrum UV rays can be an even better choice. Wearing sunglasses also protects the skin around your senior’s eyes, which gets even thinner and more delicate with age.

In-Home Care Aides Can Keep Him/Her Hydrated

Hydration is always crucial, but especially when your senior is out in the sun and the heat. Make sure to keep plenty of cool water handy and remember to encourage your senior to sip often. Know the signs of heat-related illnesses and what you can do to help your senior as quickly as possible. In-home care providers can help your senior to remember to sip water throughout the day, too.

Stay Aware of Your Senior’s Medications

It’s also important to know how your senior’s medications and the side effects from those medications are affected by sun and by heat. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what to expect, especially since some medications can cause sun sensitivity. It might help for your elderly family member to have help from in-home care providers if he/she spends a good bit of time outside. They can watch for signs of trouble and keep him/her company.

Even though it’s getting a little cooler in some areas, it’s still summer and it’s still pretty hot. Heat and sun exposure can still create big problems for your elderly family member, so having help from in-home care services can be a tremendous help.

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