Does your senior know what to watch out for in terms of foot health? If not, that might be something you want to help him/her to change, because foot health can be a big indicator of overall health. Keeping your senior as healthy as possible means looking at all sorts of possible signs. This is one reason that having companion care at home can be important for your senior.

Watch for Perpetually Cold Feet

Companion Care At Home Alpharetta GA - Foot Health Warning Signs to Watch Out for

Companion Care At Home Alpharetta GA – Foot Health Warning Signs to Watch Out for

If your senior always seems to have cold feet, that can be a sign of nerve issues or of circulatory issues. This can be especially important if your elderly family member is already dealing with other circulatory system health issues, like high blood pressure or heart disease. Pay attention to whether things like a blanket or wearing socks helps or not.

Foot Swelling Can Be a Sign of Trouble

Just as temperature differences can be a sign that there’s more going on, so too can swelling. Your senior may want to try propping his/her feet up when he/she’s seated. It’s also a good idea for him/her to move his/her toes, feet, and ankles periodically to ensure that he/she’s getting good blood flow. Often lower body edema is related to high blood pressure and other circulatory system issues.

Numbness and Tingling Can Be Signs of Neuropathy

Another issue to be on the lookout for is any sign of neuropathy. This is a common issue for people with diabetes because of the damage that high blood sugar does to nerve cells and to extremities. Numbness and tingling are two common signs of neuropathy for your senior to be aware of.

Wounds that Aren’t Healing Are a Big Problem

It’s not uncommon at all for people to have small wounds once in a while on their feet. A bug bite or a scratch from dropping something should heal fairly quickly, however. If those tiny wounds become bigger ones or hang around for weeks, that’s not a good sign at all. Companion care at home providers can often notice things like this much more quickly than your senior might.

Any changes to your senior’s foot health can be an indication of changes in his/her overall health. If your senior is determined to age in place, then companion care at home can help you and him/her to feel more confident that he/she’s not in danger of experiencing worsening health simply because of things he/she hasn’t noticed.

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