Fall is here! This means the sweltering heat is moving out and beautiful autumn weather is moving in. This change in weather brings with it wonderful activities like pumpkin patches, football weekends, and of course Halloween. It also marks the beginning of flu season.

Home Care Roswell GA - Flu Season and COVID-19

Home Care Roswell GA – Flu Season and COVID-19

Flu season in the United States can run from October through May but we may not see its peak until January or February which is why it is recommended to receive your flu vaccine by the end of October.

Some may be thinking, “Well, is it safe for me to get both the flu vaccine and the covid booster?”

The short answer? YES. And this year it may be particularly important to get both.

The CDC reported the 2020-2021 flu season to be light but anticipates that this upcoming flu season won’t be as light as it was in the past. In preparation for a potentially rough flu season, it is important to protect yourself and others not just with the flu vaccine but also by continuing to practice proper hand hygiene, staying home when sick, and wearing a mask in areas where you might be a close distance from others.

U.S. health officials are also bracing for another potential COVID surge as fall approaches and more people will be moving inside due to colder weather. The Whitehouse is recommending boosters by the end of October, around the same time you would receive a flu vaccine, to protect against the potential surge.

Whether or not individuals decide to get both the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time or spread them out is completely a personal choice. According to the CDC, it is safe to receive both the flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine/booster at the same time but recommends getting them in different arms. It’s also slightly more likely you will experience side effects when receiving both at the same time.

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