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I wanted to share my story with you as a number of you may have questions related to breakthrough infections, which occur when someone who has been fully vaccinated still becomes infected by COVID-19. Unfortunately, this is what occurred to me last week. I had been feeling sick with symptoms like sore throat, nasal congestion, cough, sneezing and general tiredness and fatigue. The symptoms were very mild at first and did not occur all at once, so I just thought to be seasonal allergies. After feeling like I had a bad cold, I ended up taking a rapid test and was shocked when It was positive, so shocked I took another test only to find this one was positive as well.

Yes, this was discouraging as I have been fully vaccinated. However, I am forever an optimistic person and I started reading up on breakthrough infections and statistics on COVID related hospitalizations in hopes of a “bright side” to this. It is important to understand the vaccine is not 100% effective. Also, as time progresses, this virus continues to grow and undergoes variations from what was initially researched to create the vaccine. Therefore, a breakthrough infection from a variant is possible and may have been what occurred to me. What research shows and appears true with my situation, is the severity of infection is less if you are vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. Those that are vaccinated are also less likely to be hospitalized. An overwhelming majority of hospitalizations due to COVID infection (99%) are those who have not been vaccinated vs. those who are. Although, I felt sick with symptoms of a bad cold for a week, I never had a fever, and never had any significant respiratory symptoms or distress. I had no need to see a physician and was able to get over the infection at home with over the counter medications and hydration. 7 days later I am feeling great and tested negative as did my six year old son who lives with me.

Laura Cayce and her son

Home Care Roswell GA - Breakthrough Infections—It happened to me.

Home Care Roswell GA – Breakthrough Infections—It happened to me.

Research now is also suggesting if you are vaccinated and contract COVID, you are less likely to transmit the virus to others. This seemed to possibly be my scenario. While I was sick with symptoms, I was around many co-workers and had been at a family gathering for a whole weekend. Not one individual I was around for prolonged periods of time tested positive. Even with breakthrough infection, I was likely less contagious than I would have been with no vaccine. With all this being said, I encourage all of you to get vaccinated and take your boosters if your physician feels this is what is best for you. Although discouraging to get COVID with a vaccine, I was very encouraged how little its impact was on myself and others which would have not been the case had I never received the vaccine. Laura Cayce




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