If your elderly parent has had a fall they might need some additional help around the house to make sure they don’t fall and get hurt again. There are more than 36 million falls among older adults each year. More than 300,000 have hip fractures from falls every year. And even after a senior has gone through recovery and rehab they may need help at home to make sure that they don’t fall again. Assistance in the home services can help seniors who have had a fall avoid more falls at home after they recover.

A few ways that assistance in the home aides can help seniors avoid more falls at home are:

Keeping The House Clutter Free

Assistance in the Home Roswell GA - Assistance in the Home Helps Seniors Recovering From a Fall

Assistance in the Home Roswell GA – Assistance in the Home Helps Seniors Recovering From a Fall

After seniors have had a fall they are more likely to fall again. Houses that are cluttered with furniture, laundry, and other items are a hazard for seniors. Assistance in the home providers can tidy up the house and create better flow in the house so that seniors can easily move around. If your senior loved one has to use a walker or wheelchair after their fall assistance in the home providers can move furniture, pick up rugs, and generally make sure that your senior loved one will be able to get around with their new mobility aid.

Assisting With Personal Care

Another area where assistance in the home providers can be a big help to seniors that are recovering from a fall is helping with personal care. Seniors can slip on wet bathroom floors or slippery tiles in the shower or bathroom. Seniors may also lose their balance standing at the sink or standing in the shower. An experienced caregiver can help seniors with showering and personal care so that they are healthy and feel good each day.

Helping With Cooking

Seniors who are recovering from a fall need the vitamins and nutrients that healthy meals provide. But cooking those meals can be difficult for seniors who have injuries from previous calls. Assistance in the home means that seniors will get one-on-one help with tasks like prepping food, chopping vegetables, and all aspects of cooking. Seniors also won’t have to worry about doing dishes or cleaning up after a meal. A caregiver can take care of those tasks as well as do the cooking.

Taking Care Of Housework

When your elderly parent is recovering from a fall they shouldn’t have to worry about taking care of the housework. But, the housework still needs to get done for your loved one to be healthy and safe at home. Assistance in the home services includes basic housekeeping which will keep your senior parent’s home clean and hazard free. Caregivers can do tasks like laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, and kitchen cleanup to ensure that your senior loved one’s home is safe for them. Your elderly parent will recover faster if they are in their beloved home. Assistance tin the home providers will make that home safe and comfortable for them.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/injury/features/older-adult-falls/index.html

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