Everyone has met frail older people at some point and it’s a situation you may not expect to see happening with people you love. Frailty is a health issue that can be reversed to some extent if your elderly family member is willing to put some effort into the task. Here is some information that you, your senior, and their in-home care providers, can use to put together a plan that works for her.

What Is Frailty and How Does it Develop?

In-Home Care Alpharetta GA - Can Your Senior Reverse Frailty?

In-Home Care Alpharetta GA – Can Your Senior Reverse Frailty?

Frailty is a condition in which your elderly family member is more exhausted than usual and is slowing down in most areas of her life. She’s likely to be far more inactive than she has been, and she may be considerably weaker in a lot of different ways. Seniors who are experiencing frailty may be losing weight without intending to do so and might seem to be fading away before your eyes.

Frailty typically develops so gradually that it seems as if it’s a normal part of aging for your elderly family member. It isn’t, though. What’s happening is that your elderly family member is experiencing significant declines when she really shouldn’t be. Staying active and keeping herself healthy in all of the right ways can help to reduce frailty.

Risks Associated with Frailty

There are a variety of different risks associated with frailty. Your senior is more likely to fall or almost fall and she may have more trouble regulating moods. In general, she’s likely to experience a marked decline in every area of her life, from mental health to physical health.

Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor

If you suspect that your elderly family member is dealing with frailty, talk with her doctor. Her doctor can help you to determine exactly what’s contributing to your senior’s current situation and whether there’s anything that you can do about it. If you’re reacting quickly enough, it might be possible for your senior to regain some of her health.

Bring in In-Home Care Support

In-home care providers can also be a huge help during this process. Often seniors experiencing frailty decline quickly because they become afraid of falling and they stop moving as much as they should. Your senior may also be eating less healthy meals, or less often, and in-home care providers can help with that, too. Assistance with bathing, with mobility, and with other daily activities can get your senior back on track with being more active herself.

Stay on Top of the Situation

It’s vital to stay on top of the situation if your elderly family member is experiencing frailty. You and she can do all the right things to reverse the situation, but if you’re not keeping up with consistent choices that contribute to strengthening your senior she can backslide again. That’s going to make her recovery even more difficult.

Responding to these symptoms is so important because your elderly family member doesn’t have to allow frailty to take over her life. She can take action now and reverse the situation if she’s committed to doing so.

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