After your senior parent has a stroke you may be uncertain about their future and whether or not they can continue to age at home. While every senior’s stroke is unique and the impact that it has on their lives is unique in most cases seniors who want to return to their homes can do so. But they will likely need senior home care services either temporarily or permanently.

It can be a confusing time after your senior loved one has a stroke but some things that you and your senior parent should know about stroke recovery are:

Aging In Place Is Still Possible

Senior Home Care Alpharetta GA - What Seniors And Their Families Should Know About Stroke Recovery

Senior Home Care Alpharetta GA – What Seniors And Their Families Should Know About Stroke Recovery

It’s very possible that your senior parent can go back home and continue their plan to age in place. You may need to make some renovations to the home or arrange for senior home care if your senior loved one has permanent physical or cognitive damage as a result of the stroke. But in the time immediately after they are released from the hospital your senior loved one will most likely be able to return to their home if that’s what they want to do.

Recovering At Home Means Making Changes

No matter what the end result of the stroke is there will need to be some changes made at home in order for your senior loved one to remain there safely. You may need to add cameras or an alert system. Or you may need to make sure there is a first floor suite available if your senior loved one can no longer get safely up and down the stairs. And you may need to make sure that someone is coming to the house and checking on your senior loved one daily if you can’t. Be prepared to make some changes so that your senior loved one can continue to safely live at home.

Senior Home Care Can Fill In The Gaps

It’s common for adult children or family members to worry about how to make sure that their senior loved one is going to get the supervised care they need to recover after a stroke. Senior home care is ideal for seniors that are recovering from a stroke. Care is available 24 hours a day so when you can’t be with your senior parent a care provider can be. Your senior loved one won’t have to be alone at any point of the day or the night. It’s important for seniors to not be alone in case they have another stroke so senior home care can help you fill in the care gaps.

Following Doctor Recommendations Is Critical

There is a high risk that a senior who has had a stroke will have another one. That’s why it’s essential that seniors follow the exercise and dietary recommendations of their medical team to the letter. Making dietary changes, exercising, and following any rehab instructions is the only way that your senior parent will be able to fully recover after a stroke while lowering their of having another stroke.

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