Research shows there are many elderly people who suffer from a mental health disorder. Some of these senior citizens have a diagnosis and others suffer untreated. If you are taking care of your elderly loved one, be sure to discuss their mental health. Let them know you are available to talk whenever they need someone. Make sure your elderly loved one knows that you are willing to help them get treatment. If they need even more support, you can hire senior care providers to be around more often. To better understand what your elderly loved one might be going through, read more about mental health disorders for senior citizens today.


Senior Care Alpharetta GA - Senior Care Assists with Common Mental Health Disorders

Senior Care Alpharetta GA – Senior Care Assists with Common Mental Health Disorders

One of the mental health disorders that many senior citizens face is depression. If this is left untreated, it could be very detrimental to your elderly loved one’s well-being and lifestyle. In addition, without treatment and support, your elderly loved one will likely continue to live with great sadness and despair. This can prevent them from having fun or enjoying their life. It is important that you and senior care providers help your loved one to get treatment for their depression.


There are numerous anxiety disorders that senior citizens are faced with. If your elderly loved one only worries once in a while, that is normal. However, if they are anxious most of the time or all the time, that could mean they have an anxiety disorder. There may be situations that cause your loved one to have an anxiety attack, as well. It is important that your elderly loved one is able to learn coping mechanisms to handle and prevent anxiety. The more help they can get, the better they will be able to live with their anxiety disorder.


Your elderly loved one may have dementia, as well. Many people don’t think of dementia as a mental health disorder. However, with this disease, the patient suffers from personality changes, confusion, erratic behaviors, and difficulties communicating. It negatively impacts the person’s overall well-being. If your elderly loved one is diagnosed with dementia, it is important to first accept the disease won’t get better. It will progress over time. Once you and your elderly loved one accept this, the sooner you can get them help to manage the disease. This might include creating a lifestyle management plan with you, your loved one, senior care providers, doctors, therapists, and other professionals.

These are some of the most common mental health disorders for senior citizens. If your elderly loved one has any of these diseases, be sure they know you will be there to help them out. Make sure your elderly loved one also gets access to resources such as senior care providers, doctors, therapy, and more.


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