Senior Care Roswell GA - Inspiring Word for the Year from Beth Cayce

Beth Cayce

Each year I try to come up with a word that will symbolize my year. This year it is JOY. Joy is a state of mind. In a biblical sense, ability to feel and show joy does not come from the favorable circumstances of our human lives; it comes from God. We cannot lose joy any more than we can lose God.

This year I am committing to appreciate that no matter what happens I am supported by a God who loves me and cares for me.  It is energizing to accept that when I am low or challenged, God is there with me and giving me strength to do what He gifted me to do.

Taking the time to accept this is often a challenging practice when we are caught up in today’s worries and pressing schedules, however I am committed to claiming that this year. Share with me your word or resolution for the year? It is a powerful practice.

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