Your senior’s feet are the foundation of her body. They’re what helps her to stay active and they’re the part of her body that’s farthest away from her heart. That means that taking care of your elderly family member’s feet is really important for multiple reasons. Here are just a few ideas to help you take the best care possible of your senior’s feet.

Watch Her Toenails

Senior Care Marietta GA - Four Ways to Help Your Senior to Take Care of Her Feet

Senior Care Marietta GA – Four Ways to Help Your Senior to Take Care of Her Feet

Toenails can be a much bigger problem for your senior than you might ever expect. If they’re left too long, they can cut your senior’s feet and create issues with her shoes. If they become ingrown, they can develop an infection. Trim your senior’s toenails so that they’re straight across and file in one direction only to reduce sharp edges.

Examine Her Feet Regularly

Make it a point to examine your senior’s feet regularly. Feet can easily develop wounds and sores and if they’re left untreated, they can become a big problem very quickly. What you’re looking for are any issues that don’t look right so that you can get help for your senior as soon as possible.

Ensure Her Shoes Fit Well

How well your senior’s shoes fit makes a difference, too. If your elderly family member’s shoes don’t fit, they can cramp her toes, contribute to pain, and even make it difficult for her to walk safely. Her shoe size might have changed over the years, so it pays to have a professional measure her feet. Shop for shoes later in the day, because that’s when feet tend to be most swollen.

Mention Pain and Other Issues to Her Doctor Right Away

If your elderly family member is experiencing any pain in her feet, mention it to her doctor right away. This is crucial because it can help your senior’s doctor to find answers for her before she’s facing a much larger problem. Pain can also keep your elderly family member from living her life to the fullest, which impacts her health significantly. If she can’t walk well, she can very quickly start to lose balance, muscle tone, and more.

Having help from senior care providers can be invaluable for your aging family member when it comes to foot care. This is especially true if you’re not able to be there with your senior handling these tasks for her. They can watch out for issues, while keeping you and your senior’s medical providers informed.

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