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Posted by CaraVita Staff on March 10 2020 | 3 minute read

CV_In-Home Care (1)As you’re looking for the right fit for your family in the home care space, the different terms can get confusing or overwhelming at times. Live-in care and 24/7 care can often be used interchangeably, though there are some differences.

What is Live-In Care?

A live-in caregiver is a caregiver who, while working, actually resides in the client’s home. There are certain qualifiers for live-in care:

  • Though the caregiver is there 24/7, they must be permitted eight to ten hours of rest or sleep each day. During those hours, they are only available to assist with quick chores, like going to the bathroom.

  • There must be a semi-private space for the caregiver to rest or sleep, such as a guest bedroom.

  • Live-in caregivers are able to use the client’s food and beverages (at their client’s expense) while staying in the home.

If you or your loved one requires consistent monitoring or ongoing assistance all day, a 24/7 schedule would be the appropriate choice. 24/7 care is more suitable if an individual needs to be positioned every couple of hours, gets agitated or wanders at night, or is a high fall risk.


With 24/7 care, care staff rotates out, usually on a 12-hour shift model, so that a different person is there during the day and the evenings, and they can remain alert and ready to assist at all times.


Why Choose Live-In Care?

Live-in care has a lot of unique benefits for the client!

  • Consistency is often much greater with live-in caregivers. Since live-in caregivers stay in the home, they work several days in a row. Though a live-in caregiver may have a replacement caregiver for when vacation time is needed, for the most part, a client will have the same caregiver each week, or at least every other week.

  • Live-in care is a considerably cheaper option; having someone in the home at all times often saves families up to $6,000 per month compared to 24/7 hourly care.

  • Live-in care reduces the stress of consistent caregiver changes, since it works off a daily schedule, as opposed to hourly.

  • Live-in care fosters the opportunity for even deeper relationships. Since live-in caregivers remain in the home with the client ongoing, deeper bonds are often created between caregivers, clients, and families. This often reduces the frequency of turnover with a live-in caregiver and puts families at ease since they only have to communicate with one caregiver at a time.

Why Hire a Live-In Caregiver with CaraVita?

Hiring a live-in caregiver through CaraVita Home Care, a state-licensed agency, has a lot of perks:

  • CaraVita’s professional home care team is always ready to adjust care plans, supervise care, and coach/train caregivers as your loved ones’ needs change. As opposed to hiring a private caregiver, with CaraVita Home Care, you have ongoing nursing oversight to assist as conditions change and care needs adjust.

  • We are continually hiring new caregivers, so we can search and find the right live-in staff member for your needs so that you don’t have to! CaraVita carefully screens their caregivers thoroughly—including background and reference checks. We make sure that the employee is qualified and receives ongoing education while working with us!

  • CaraVita can provide another caregiver, either an additional live-in or hourly, when the primary live-in caregiver needs some time off. This can come in handy if your live-in caregiver has a family/personal emergency and has to leave quickly.

  • CaraVita is licensed and insured; unlike with a private caregiver, you can be sure that your loved one is safe and supported!

Oftentimes, live-in care arrangements are a way for individuals to remain in their private homes longer if that is their wish. Long-term care benefits may be applicable for coverage for live-in services.

CaraVita Home Care is located in Roswell, Georgia, and proudly serves the Metro Atlanta area. Our professional home care team draws on its combined 175 years of experience in senior care to customize support uniquely for you and your family.

If you would like more information on our live-in services or would like help getting started in finding a live-in caregiver for you or your loved one, contact CaraVita Home Care!



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