CaraVita Home Care is made of dedicated caregivers from many different countries. Over the years in health care, I personally have had the privilege of being introduced to many different cultures that I wanted to visit. In 2009 after several discernment trips to Kenya, I personally felt a calling to found a non-profit in Kenya called Care To Learn International with 3 pillars- Divine Providence Training Center (DPTC), Camp Chemi Chemi and Chemi Chemi Water as well as support orphans and staff at Strong Tower Orphanage. (the leader was a former student of DPTC) .

In-Home Care Roswell GA - CaraVita Sponsors Race with Kenya

In-Home Care Roswell GA – CaraVita Sponsors Race with Kenya

The DPTC trains pastors and ministry leaders to address both the spiritual and physical needs of the communities, while both Camp Chemi Chemi and Chemi Chemi Water are self-sustaining ministries that provide housing for the students, retreats for visitors and clean water to be sold in the communities with profits provided for school scholarships.

This Run with Kenya race supports shortfalls for funding due to COVID and allows for expansion of the Water Project to more communities. This year I am so proud of our first race which was attended live and virtually with many participants. Of special note are my Kenya and African friends seen walking, racing, and Dancing to the African DJ Charly.

On that Saturday, Aug 13, 2022, it was so much fun to share village stories as we walked with Fridah and Veronicah Mayira, Rachel Nyingu, Mary Karanga, Judith Imote, Josephine Okoli, and Wendy Addo. Wendy has founded her own Kukue Kuisine and the others are involved in ministries that support young women in education or their local communities. As we laughed and shared the camaraderie amongst our friends it was clear that most of us are all giving back in a multitude of ways.

I thank God for our workforce and on this Saturday, I saw His love shine bright as they got up and even one of them came from an all-night job to support our cause. We hope next year to draw in many more friends and coworkers at CaraVita to join us in this celebratory Run.

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