November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month and it’s a fantastic time for seniors to consider adopting a senior pet. Having a pet can have amazing physical and mental health benefits for seniors. Pets help seniors stay active, stay connected to the world, and give them the kind of companionship and love they need. Senior pets are a great match for seniors. Many seniors worry that they can’t take care of a pet and that keeps them from considering adopting a pet. Hiring in-home care providers can help with that chore.

Seniors  and their in-home care aides can use these tips to make pet care easy so that they can enjoy having a pet in their lives:

In-Home Care Is Great For The Heavy Lifting

In-Home Care Alpharetta GA - Adopt A Senior Pet Month - Senior Pet Care Tips For Seniors

In-Home Care Alpharetta GA – Adopt A Senior Pet Month – Senior Pet Care Tips For Seniors

One of the biggest worries seniors have about getting a pet is the difficulty of doing things like lugging huge bags of food or boxes of cat litter. But in-home care for seniors makes pet care easier. With in-home care, seniors will have help unpacking food and litter, and other supplies. And with grocery delivery and pet supply delivery websites seniors can have bulk bags of food and boxes of litter sent right to the door so that they don’t have to drag heavy loads home from the pet store. Getting supplies is easier than ever before.

Automatic Feeders Make Feeding Safer And Easier

Another worry that seniors have about getting a pet is feeding time. Many pets need to be fed early in the morning and seniors may have trouble getting out of bed and getting moving in the morning. Impatient pets can knock seniors over or trip them. But automatic feeders and water fountains make feeding time no stress for humans or pets. The automatic feeder will automatically release food at set times so pets will get food without having to depend on humans. And water fountains give pets access to cold clear water 24 hours a day. In-home care providers can help fill the feeder and refill the water fountain when necessary.

Smart Doggie Doors Make Letting Dogs Out Easy

Seniors may also worry about letting dogs out into the yard. It’s not always for seniors to get up and get to the door to let dogs out. But it is easy to have a doggie door installed that has a microchip lock in the door that is linked to a chip on the dog’s collar. When the dog goes to the door the doggie door will unlock and let the dog in or out. Seniors won’t have to get up to let the dog out, the dog can let themselves out or back in.

Home Vet Visits Are No Hassle

Taking senior pets to the vet can be a real problem for seniors, especially if they don’t drive. And senior pets need regular vet visits to monitor their health just like senior people. But these days there are lots of vets that offer in-home care. A mobile vet will take care of senior pets in their homes so that senior humans don’t need to stress about getting their pets to the vet.

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