With the holidays approaching, your parents may be shopping online for gifts this year. Many older adults are still worried about COVID-19 and trying to avoid stores and crowds. If your parents do plan to do the bulk of their holiday shopping online, make sure they know how to avoid credit card fraud while shopping online.
Automatically Update Antivirus and Security Software
Homecare John's Creek GA - Holiday Shopping Tips for Your Parents Before They Shop Online

Homecare John’s Creek GA – Holiday Shopping Tips for Your Parents Before They Shop Online

Make sure your parents’ computers have an antivirus and security software package that automatically updates the virus definitions and software. You also want to have it set to run daily scans. Finally, make sure it’s turned on and scanning website activity whenever they’re online.
Choose Familiar Online Retailers
Your parents need to use online retailers with a trustworthy reputation. They may find a deal on a site they’ve never heard of, but it may not be as secure. Sticking to larger retailers that have security teams who are always improving security is important.
Use a Temporary Credit/Debit Card Number
Some banks and credit unions offer temporary credit/debit card numbers to use for online shopping. Your parents can use these numbers for their online transactions and don’t ever have to share their real credit/debit card number.
Stick to Secure Websites
When your parents find an item to buy, they need to pay close attention. At the top of the screen, they’re looking for the designation that the website is https:// rather than http:// as the “s” is proof that it’s a secure site. Some browsers will have a locked padlock symbol instead. Either way, they want to stick to secure websites when shopping online.
Never Give a Credit Card Number in an Email or Text
It’s not as common for sellers to ask this anymore, but on some sites with marketplace sellers, some sellers used to ask for the buyer to send their credit card number via email or text to make a payment. Don’t let your parents do that. It’s an easy way for fraud to happen. If a site is not secure and/or doesn’t have a checkout with encryption, they don’t want to buy from that store or seller.
Have Homecare Aides Help Out
Do you live farther away from your parents than is useful? If you can’t stop by often or only visit once or twice per year, they don’t have to be alone. Homecare services arrange to have caregivers stop by and help your parents out with everything from housework and laundry to organization and scheduling.

One of the ways homecare aides help during the holidays is by assisting your parents when they need help with online tasks like shopping or paying bills. They can help your mom and dad bring in boxes, open them, and recycle the boxes and packaging. Learn more about homecare by calling our advisor.  

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Homecare Services in John’s Creek GA please contact the caring staff at CaraVita Home Care today. (770) 643-1712

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