Mental illness doesn’t target young adults and ignore older ones. Depression, anxiety disorder, and addiction are some of the mental illnesses adult children often have to help their parents navigate. It’s time to look at your dad and determining his care needs in terms of not only physical health but also mental health.

Know Why Mental Health Issues Like Anxiety and Depression Occur

Elderly Care Duluth GA - Tips for Determining the Mental Health Needs for Your Dad

Elderly Care Duluth GA – Tips for Determining the Mental Health Needs for Your Dad

There are three main reasons that depression and anxiety are common in older adults. One is that older adults are more likely to experience the loss of a spouse or close friend. From the moment you’re born, the clock is ticking. No one can live forever. That type of loss can be a devastating blow emotionally.

Another factor is financial stress. After retirement, older adults are often on a tighter budget. Unexpected expenses can be stressful and lead to anxiety. Your dad’s septic system fails and he’s told he needs a mound system. That can lead to a bill of more than $10,000. Coming up with that money may be impossible and cause him tremendous anxiety.

Chronic health conditions are the third factor. Many older adults become depressed after being diagnosed with an incurable illness like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Depression can be hard to overcome, especially when other health issues are impacting a person’s daily activities.

Recognize the Signs of Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction

Learn how to identify depression, anxiety, and addiction. Addiction may seem to be easily identified, but you should look for early warning signs. If your dad hurt his back and was giving prescription painkillers, make sure someone monitors how often he takes them. He should taper his use after a day or two. If he’s not, talk to his doctor.

Depression’s signs aren’t always clear. Irritability, insomnia, and appetite changes are three of the signs people do not realize can be signs of depression. If your dad’s mood changes suddenly, it can be a sign. If he’s staying in bed well into the afternoon and not showing any interest in getting out of bed, that’s a sign. Not wanting to eat or overeating are other symptoms of depression.

Anxiety can manifest in different ways. A racing heart could signal a heart issue, but it can also be anxiety. Feeling out of control or experiencing fear for no reason are signs of anxiety. Some people find themselves feeling like they’re surrounded by people, but those people cannot hear or see them.

When your dad is having a hard time with one or more mental health issues, he must have a strong support team. You do what you can, but there are only so many hours you can help him. Let elderly care services fill in the gaps.

Go to work or tend to your children’s needs and let elderly care aides spend time helping and socializing with your dad. Call our agency to learn more about companionship services and pricing.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Elderly Care Services in Duluth GA please contact the caring staff at CaraVita Home Care today. (770) 643-1712

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