Have you ever wondered about the services elder care aides offer? Here’s a brief look at everything that it can cover for your mom when she wants to live in her current home but is starting to need help.

Preparation of Home-Cooked Meals and/or Cleaning and Laundry

Elder Care Alpharetta GA - A Condensed Guide to the Variety of Elder Care Services

Elder Care Alpharetta GA – A Condensed Guide to the Variety of Elder Care Services

Caregivers can prepare home-cooked meals for your mom. She’ll eat a healthy meal every day and have someone else cook it for her and clean up the kitchen after. If she needs to shop for groceries, her caregiver can take her shopping and help her carry bags, too.

Caregivers can do your mom’s light housekeeping chores. She’ll have someone’s help with vacuuming and sweeping. Her caregiver can dust, wipe and sanitize counters, and wash dishes. If your mom has houseplants, her caregiver can water them.

Once a week, your mom’s caregiver can change her sheets and towels and put new ones in their place. After gathering the dirty clothing in the hamper or laundry basket, the caregiver does the laundry, folds it, and puts it away.

Elder Care Aides Provide Companionship

One of the biggest benefits your mom gets from a senior home care agency is regular visits. Her caregiver can stop by to socialize with her, which is important for preventing isolation and loneliness.

Not only can your mom’s caregiver stop by, but your mom has someone to go shopping with, accompany her to appointments, and join her on daily walks around the neighborhood. If your mom wants to see a play at a local theater, her caregiver can take her. If she wants to go to the museum for a special event, that’s possible too.

Help With Hygiene, Grooming, and Toileting

Your mom is having a harder time washing and rinsing her hair. Shoulder pain keeps her from lifting her arms above her head. It would help her to have a caregiver there to shampoo her hair for her. If she needs it conditioned, her caregiver can help her with that too.

Your mom might need help cutting her toenails, brushing and flossing her teeth, and styling her hair. If your mom needs assistance applying moisturizer to her feet, her caregiver can help with that hygiene task, too.

What if your mom has issues with incontinence? Her caregiver can help her clean up after using the toilet, help her shower after an accident, and do the laundry after helping your mom change into clean clothes.

Assistance With Ambulation or Transportation to Businesses, Offices, and Stores

When your mom finds it difficult to walk around on her own, a caregiver can support her as she walks. If your mom experiences difficulty getting out of bed or standing up from a chair, her caregiver is there to help. This service lowers the risk of a fall and ensures your mom still is able to get around her home.

Finally, caregivers can drive your mom around. If your mom is unable to drive, her caregiver can drive her around instead. She’ll have a ride to appointments or when running errands.

Hire Elder Care Providers

Elder care services are a great way to ensure your mom ages safely at home without fear or loneliness. She has the helping hand she needs to maintain her independence. Learn more about our elder care services by calling and talking to our advisor about services and prices.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Elder Care Services in Alpharetta GA please contact the caring staff at CaraVita Home Care today. (770) 643-1712
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