When was the last time you really sat down and listened to your dad? Has he been hinting that he doesn’t feel people stop by enough? Does he make comments about finding it hard to do certain things around his home? Would hiring companion care at home providers be able to assist him?

It’s time for your family to sit down and ask your dad about his plans as he ages. These are the points to discuss.

Is He Finding It Hard to Keep Up With Housework?

Companion Care at Home Alpharetta GA - Have You Listened to Your Dad Lately?

Companion Care at Home Alpharetta GA – Have You Listened to Your Dad Lately?

Does your dad struggle to do some of the chores around the home? Is his laundry room in the basement, and he’s not confident walking up and down them? Does he find his vacuum too heavy to carry upstairs to vacuum the bedroom carpets?

If he’s having a harder time with housework, weekly housekeeping services are ideal. He can have a caregiver stop by and clean his home for him.

What Does He Eat When No One Is Around?

When your dad is all alone, what does he eat? Is he likely to grab a frozen dinner or a can of soup? While easy to prepare, they’re not always nutritionally balanced. Consider having a caregiver available to help your dad plan and prepare meals.

Would he enjoy having a caregiver with him to shop for groceries? If he struggles to read the price tags or nutrition facts, a caregiver’s assistance with shopping is important. Plus, his caregiver can carry bags into the house and put things away before they spoil.

Is He Able to Socialize Each Week or Would he Benefit from Companion Care at Home?

How social is your dad? If he’s alone all week for weeks at a time, he will become lonely and feel isolated. This is not good for his health. Companion care at home providers can stop by to keep him company.

With companion care at home, your dad doesn’t have to sit alone and eat a meal. He has someone to watch movies with or to play cards or a game like Scrabble.

How Is His Health?

Does your dad have health issues that require him to take daily pills? Does he often forget them? If he has heart disease and forgets to take his heart meds, he needs to do better.

Sometimes, it helps to have someone to remind him and a pill organizer to make sure he takes the right pill at the right time of day. Caregivers can offer medication reminders.

Some health issues require your dad to take medications that make driving risky. If he’s not supposed to drive, you need to make sure he has someone available each week for errands and appointments. If he wants to get out of the home for a social event at the library or senior center, make sure he has a ride.

Companion care at home supports your dad by ensuring someone is with him throughout the week. He doesn’t have to be alone all day, every day. Arrange companion care at home and have caregivers there to spend time with your dad.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Companion Care at Home Services in Alpharetta GA please contact the caring staff at CaraVita Home Care today. (770) 643-1712
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