Home care is an essential part of an older adult’s care plan when aging at home. Many people think of it as being a service where caregivers cook meals and clean the house. There’s so much more to home care.

Socialization and Companionship

Home Care Alpharetta GA - Benefits of Home Care You're Overlooking

Home Care Alpharetta GA – Benefits of Home Care You’re Overlooking

Being social is best for your mental and physical health. Your parents may not have many visitors each week. Make sure they have the chance to socialize by scheduling caregivers for companionship.

Respite and Relief

Your parents may not need someone else to care for them because you already do help out. Home care services are also there to help you. If you need a break for appointments, errands, or a day off to unwind, home care services ensure your parents have the help they require while you’re away.


Keeping a home organized is important, but it can be more complicated as your parents’ age. Caregivers can clean their home, but they can also arrange items in different rooms for safety or practicality. Your parents may find it easier to get meals and snacks if the kitchen is organized to eliminate the need to climb on a stool to reach something.

Nail Care

Do your mom and dad ever take their socks off so that you can look at their feet? As flexibility decreases, some older adults struggle to trim their toenails. If your parents cannot cut their nails, they risk infection from nails digging into their other toes or curling into their skin.

Caregivers can trim nails for them, file the nails, and apply foot cream. If your parents would benefit from visits to a podiatrist, the caregiver can schedule appointments for them.

Medication Assistance

In 2018, researchers found that half of all elderly in the study often skipped a dose of prescription medication. Around 43 percent reported being unable to remember what their doctor said about how to take their medications. Almost 25 percent reported they often made a mistake and took the wrong pill.

How well do your parents do when it comes to their medications? You don’t want them to end up like the five percent who ended up having to go to the hospital due to medication errors.

Caregivers can come to your parents’ home, direct them which pills they need to take, and make sure they take them on time. You can also ask the caregivers to refill prescriptions when needed or help your parents fill them. They can also bring your parents to the doctor’s office or pharmacy to pick them up.

Arrange Home Care by Making a Call

How do you book services for your mom and dad? Call our agency and talk to a specialist in home care. You’ll discuss the options and pricing before arranging the number of hours the caregiver will be with your parents.

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  If you or an aging loved-one is considering Home Care Services in Alpharetta GA please contact the caring staff at CaraVita Home Care today. (770) 643-1712
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