When your parents choose to age in place, this can be terrifying for you. It leads to various questions that you may not have the answer to. Do they have enough support? Can they do things on their own? Are they maintaining a healthy routine? Is their home even safe enough for them to age in place? One thing you can do to ease your fears is to help your mom or dad find the right 24-hour home care services that will allow them to age in place.

24-Hour Home Care Alpharetta GA - Making the Kitchen Safer for Your Elderly Parents

24-Hour Home Care Alpharetta GA – Making the Kitchen Safer for Your Elderly Parents

Often 24-hour home care providers are a better answer than trying to uproot your elderly loved one and sending them to a nursing home. They may make suggestions on what the senior can change in their home, they may help create a healthier routine that the senior wants to do, and they may report back to you, so you don’t feel stressed about letting your senior parent live at home. 24-hour home care providers have changed the way seniors age in place.

One of the biggest areas of focus in a home is the kitchen. Your senior parents may still be trying to cook, but there may be some problems with their kitchen. Food is often something we focus on, and rightfully so, it is the source of energy that we need to live. The kitchen is always a focal point in a home, and there are some things you can do to make it safer for your loved one.

Keep Fires in Mind

No one wants to think about fires, but accidents do happen, so keep fire safety in mind. Add in emergency fire extinguishers that are updated and not expired. Always ensure their stovetop is clear of clutter and don’t let them use plastic materials while cooking. If they have cheap old plastic cookware, it’s time to give them something new and better that won’t cause any potential fires.

If your parents have a hard time cleaning, it is time to check out their oven for them and maybe even clean it. While you’re there, you should also always check the exhaust vent to ensure no buildup could cause a fire. This is one of the best ways to keep a senior safer in the kitchen.

Reduce the Risk of Falling

Since the kitchen can easily become wet, it is a place that can be slippery, which causes falls. Instead of letting the floor get wet, you can add non-slip flooring tiles to the most hazardous areas. Changing the lighting in the kitchen may also help a senior see puddles easier and avoid them in the future. You can add in a kitchen chair that allows them to sit and cook rather than stand and walk all over the place.

Get Rid of Things and Organize

Not all seniors have an easy time tossing out kitchen gadgets, but their kitchen can easily become cluttered if that’s the case. It’s time to help them get rid of things and organize for their safety. When they can move about more freely, it will prevent any accidents from happening too.

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