February is American Heart Month and it makes sense since it’s also the month that centers around all affairs of the heart. And while the big holiday of the month focuses on the concept of love and the figurative heart, American Heart Month wants people to also take the time this month to focus on their literal heart since it is the key to staying healthy and living a quality life. Having senior home care services can help your loved one focus on healthy habits.

Senior Home Care Alpharetta GA - Tips for Eating for a Healthier Heart

Senior Home Care Alpharetta GA – Tips for Eating for a Healthier Heart

The annual American Heart Month began in 1963 to rally Americans in the battle against heart disease. Heart disease is the largest threat to American health and is the leading cause of death worldwide. The amount of people who have died from cardiovascular disease has increased by almost 20% in the past decade, and the American Heart Association would like to see that number decrease.

For many people, heart disease is preventable when they adopt a healthier lifestyle, and one step in that journey is developing healthier eating habits. As you care for your aging loved one, helping them to make smarter food choices and create better eating habits, you can help them reduce their risk for developing cardiovascular diseases.

Let’s take a look at some simple steps your loved one can take toward better heart health for American Heart Month and beyond:

Consume more foods that are heart-healthy.

Meeting this goal can begin when your loved one goes shopping with her senior home care provider. She needs to purchase the best foods to have in the home so she’s not tempted by foods that are not heart-healthy. Once she has heart-healthy foods in her home, her senior home care provider can help by preparing meals with them or prepping them for her to prepare meals with them.

Here are some of the top heart-healthy foods:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. All fresh fruits and vegetables are great, but if looking for specifics, try adding more bananas, apples, pears, and prunes to the fruit list, and more leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach to the vegetable list. But also remember, whatever your loved one likes in this list is good!
  • Protein-rich foods such as fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids, lean meats, eggs, and legumes.
  • Whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice.
  • Low-fat dairy.
  • Eat and drink less of items that are bad for the heart.

While this list is small, it can actually be taking up a large amount of what your senior is eating and drinking. Help them reduce their intake of the following to improve their heart health: sodium, saturated fats, sugar, and alcohol.

Limit sodium

The American diet is high in sodium so having someone like their senior home care help prepare fresh meals at home instead of eating prepackaged meals or eating out can help reduce sodium intake. Reading labels is another important step in reducing sodium.

Taking small steps today can help your loved one have a healthier heart tomorrow.

Source: https://www.heart.org/en/around-the-aha/february-is-american-heart-month

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