If you have lost a parent or your senior parent has lost a spouse getting through the anniversary of that loss can be tough, especially the first year. Your senior parent may be depressed for weeks before the actual anniversary. They may be sad often, or prone to tears over small things. Giving your senior loved one some support and understanding can really help them through the difficult anniversary of losing a partner. If want to be there for your senior loved one during this tough time but you’re not really sure how you can offer your support here are some practical things you and their personal home care providers can do to make an emotional time easier for them.

Get Them Some Help Through Personal Home Care Services

Personal Home Care Alpharetta GA - How Personal Home Carecan Help Seniors Through a Tough Anniversary

Personal Home Care Alpharetta GA – How Personal Home Care can Help Seniors Through a Tough Anniversary

When seniors are depressed or emotionally wrought they may find it even harder than usual to do things like wash the clothes and clean up the house and do the dishes. A personal home care provider can keep an eye on your senior loved ones and help them with chores during this time so that they aren’t overwhelmed. A personal home care provider can also make sure that your senior loved one is taking their medications the way they should and keep on top of any medication refills that need to be ordered. Having help managing the house and taking care of daily tasks can be a huge help to a senior that is struggling with their grief.

Listen To Them

Often seniors who are grieving will want to talk about the loved one they lost. Listen to your senior loved one. Encourage them to talk about their partner and share their favorite memories. Even if you have had all their stories multiple times let your senior parent tell those stories again. It’s often very comforting for seniors to share their memories and relive some of the happiest times in their lives. Listening to them will allow you to connect with them and strengthen your relationship.

Watch For Symptoms of Depression

Seniors are already at high risk for depression. So something like the anniversary of the death of a spouse or partner can cause some seniors to go over the edge into depression. If your senior loved one becomes clinically depressed they will need help from a mental health professional and possibly medication to get their depression under control. Keep a close eye on your eye on your senior loved ones and pay attention to their behaviors. If you notice any of these symptoms make an appointment for them to talk with a mental health professional:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Inability to get out of bed or function
  • Inability to perform personal care tasks
  • Apathy
  • Sadness
  • Hard time making decisions
  • Not eating or eating too much
  • Insomnia
  • Sleeping too much
  • Nightmares or disturbances when they do sleep

Make sure that your senior loved one’s personal home care provider knows that you’re worried about your senior parent becoming depressed. They can also watch for any signs of depression in your senior loved one.

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