Spring will soon arrive, and it’s a good time to start considering the things that need to be completed at your loved one’s home. Winter often leads to dust build-up, viruses, and germs, stale heated air, and pet odors. As the weather warms up, open up their windows and let the fresh air in. While you do that, take care of these standard spring cleaning tasks. And then hire assistance in the home providers to attend to daily tasks.

Steam Clean Carpets

Assistance in the Home Alpharetta GA - It's Time For Spring Cleaning

Assistance in the Home Alpharetta GA – It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

Rent or borrow a steam cleaner for all of the carpets in your parent’s home. Vacuum them first to remove any excess pet hair or dirt. Then, run the steam cleaner over the carpets to remove dust and grime.

Once you’ve finished a room, set up fans to help speed up drying times. Move to the next room and repeat the process.

Clean the Fridge and Freezer and Repeat That Process With the Cupboards

Empty your senior’s refrigerator and freezer. Use a bleach and water solution or vinegar and water solution to sanitize the shelves and door racks. Remove any drawers and shelves that can be taken out and wash them with hot water and soap.

As you put items back, check the expiration or sell-by date. If the item is expired, compost it and recycle the container. Keep track of things that should be replaced and note them on a shopping list.

Move to the cupboards and pantry and do the same thing. Wipe down surfaces with a cleaning agent, compost any expired items, and look at open packaging to make sure there are no pantry pests.

If you notice there are mealworms, larder beetles, ants, or other pests in grains and flours, get rid of them. Purchase new items and store them in airtight containers.

Wash or Dry Clean Curtains and Comforters

Take down any curtains and gather comforters and either dry clean them as directed or wash them as the label instructs. Over the winter, grease from cooking, dust, and dander gets into the fabric. Clean and freshen everything.

If it’s sunny outside and you have a line you can dry them on, hang things in the sun. That helps kill any bacteria and dust mites. It also helps get rid of residual odors in items that cannot be washed.

Change Air Filters

As the heating season comes to an end, you’ll want to change the air filter if your senior has a forced air system. It’s a good time to check the filters in their air purifiers, too. Replace or clean any dirty air filters.

Once your loved one’s home is cleaned and organized, arrange for assistance in the home services to keep it that way. Your mom doesn’t have to rely on family members to find time to help out. She can have regular visits from caregivers to help her with housekeeping tasks and laundry days. Our advisor in assistance in the home care services can help you get started.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Assistance in the Home Services in Alpharetta GA please contact the caring staff at CaraVita Home Care today. (770) 643-1712
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