Rita Manatrizio, Shirley McGahan, Joan Teloitte are highlighted with Woodland Ridge staff in a recent AJC article explaining the impact of the pandemic on senior living. As Beth Cayce, the CEO of CaraVita and Manager of Woodland Ridge, stated the goal of the article was to raise Governor Kemp’s and the public’s awareness of the need to provide some of the $17.4 billion American Rescue Plan money that the state received to help bolster senior living. Woodland Ridge is a nonprofit and its mission is to meet the needs of those they serve but with the prices of supplies doubling and tripling along with a work force challenge, and everyone trying to increase their occupancy at the same time, our recovery efforts need a boost.

Senior Care Roswell GA

Senior Care Roswell GA – Woodland Ridge Residents Take AJC Front Page

As Beth pointed out to the reporter, “ Never before in our history have we experienced an occupancy decline of 25-30% across the board while at the same time new inventory was being added.” Atlanta is in the top three lowest in occupancy recovery levels in metro markets in the nation according to NIC second quarter report. We are in desperate need of access to recovery funds to keep our industry vibrant and our wages competitive with a declining work force. Gloves alone have gone up 300% in pricing just this year.

Throughout the pandemic it is our residents that kept us bolstered. Knowing that their smiles and love were there for us helped our staff as we weathered an unprecedented time in our history. Now we want to continue to give back to them and hope that with some monetary relief we can improve their wage structure. We want to ask those out there who understand how hard this pandemic has hit us and senior living to write to the Governor now as applications go into the ARPA at the state. We need your help as we try to tell our story. Contact Beth Cayce with your letters so we can send them in at the beginning of August to the Governor. bethc@caravita.com or call 1-800-GEORGIA (+1 800-436-7442) or 404-656-1776 or write to him directly. Let him hear firsthand that we need his support in Senior Living. .

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Senior Care Services in Roswell GA please contact the caring staff at CaraVita Home Care today. (770) 643-1712
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