Cholesterol can be a big concern for aging adults, particularly if your elderly family member has other risk factors for heart disease. Has your elderly family member been diagnosed with high cholesterol? This information about what impacts her cholesterol numbers can be useful as you, she, and her doctors are putting together a plan to bring those numbers down a little bit. In-home care providers can help in implementing any changes.

Factors She Can’t Change

In-Home Care Alpharetta GA - In-Home Care Helps Your Senior Adjust Cholesterol Levels

In-Home Care Alpharetta GA – In-Home Care Helps Your Senior Adjust Cholesterol Levels

There are plenty of factors regarding cholesterol levels that your elderly family member can’t do anything about. Her age is one of them, because cholesterol levels tend to rise with age. Women are also less likely to have high cholesterol, until menopause. Also, if your senior has a family history of high cholesterol, she’s more likely to experience high cholesterol levels herself.


One factor that your senior can actually do something about is her personal habits. Activities like smoking and drinking alcohol can raise the chance that your elderly family member develops high cholesterol. Ideally, quitting any habits that she knows makes her cholesterol, and her overall health, worse would be great, but that’s not always easy. Cutting back is at least the next best thing. Your senior’s doctor can help her to put together a plan for doing so safely.


What your elderly family member eats can affect her cholesterol levels, although different people are affected differently by foods. In general, reducing saturated fat is considered a good idea for reducing cholesterol levels. Adding more whole foods, including lean proteins, along with nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits can be important. Some people find good results from adding whole grains, like steel-cut oatmeal, to their regular diet.


Exercise is usually recommended for most health issues because of all of the benefits for your senior’s body. Always talk to her doctor before beginning a new exercise plan. Her doctor can help your senior to determine how moving more can assist her with her cholesterol goals. Exercise may also help your elderly family member to maintain a healthy weight, which is another factor that can assist in lowering her cholesterol levels.

In-Home Care can Help with the Plan

Making some of these changes can be a big challenge for your elderly family member. That’s especially true if she’s dealing with other health issues, too. Having help from in-home care providers can make putting a plan together and following it so much easier for your senior. You’ll also feel much better knowing that she has some additional assistance in her corner.

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