What is companion care? It’s a home care service where a caregiver comes to your mom’s home and spends time with her. The caregiver keeps her company, helps engage her in activities, and takes her out if desired.

Why Companion Care From a Home Care Agency Helps

Home Care Marietta GA - Home Care Can Include Companion Care

Home Care Marietta GA – Home Care Can Include Companion Care

The goal of companionship care is to make sure your mom is socially active. She has someone to talk to as often as she wants. That helps lower the chance of your mom feeling lonely or isolated. In turn, reducing the risk of isolation and loneliness also lowers the risk of depression.

Things Home Care Aides Do for Companionship

Your mom enjoys shopping, but she can’t do it on her own. She has a hard time carrying bags to the car. With companionship services, she can have her caregiver drive her to the stores, help her while shopping, and bring everything into the house.

Companionship aides can stop by and see how your mom is doing. They can play games or watch a movie together. The caregiver can cook her a meal and eat with her if your mom hates eating alone. Caregivers can also clean her home and help with laundry if desired.

There’s another benefit to companionship care. You’re going on vacation, and your mom wants to join you. You’d love for her to join you. The problem is that your interests, your kids’ interests, and your mom’s interests differ. Plus, she’s not as active as your kids, so you worry that your mom will have difficulty keeping up.

If you cover the caregivers’ travel expenses, you could have the caregiver join your family on the trip. While you and your kids are exploring the city, your mom and her caregiver can do things at your mom’s pace. At night, you can all meet up for a relaxed dinner together and talk about your experiences. Or, your mom doesn’t want to go on a vacation. Her caregiver can stay with her at her house while you’re away.

Getting Started With Home Care Services

How do you get started? It’s easy to get set up. Call our home care agency and talk about your mom’s lifestyle and interests. A caregiver who matches her needs will arrive at her house as scheduled to do things your mom enjoys and make sure she’s social and engaged during that visit. During the call, you can ask questions or address anything you don’t understand. Call our home care agency to find out more about companion services.

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