Your parent has worked with caregivers for years. Is it going as smoothly as you think? When was the last time you stopped and reviewed your parents’ care plan? If it’s been months or years, it’s time to take a closer look at the services they currently receive. Would they benefit from 24-hour home care services?

If their health or mobility has worsened or improved, are those changes impacting their ability to be independent in their home? If so, their care plan needs to adjust to match any new challenges. Ask your family these questions to decide if your parents’ current care plan still meets their needs.

Has Your Parent Fallen?

24-Hour Home Care Alpharetta GA - 24-Hour Home Care: Time to Adjust Your Parents' Care Plan

24-Hour Home Care Alpharetta GA – 24-Hour Home Care: Time to Adjust Your Parents’ Care Plan

Look at your parents’ well-being. Have they fallen? If so, what led to the fall, and how bad were the injuries? Your parent fell, and it’s related to medications they’re taking or their worsening health. they need to have others around him more often.

Many older adults fall again after an initial fall. The CDC reports that falling once doubles your risk of a second fall. Your parent needs someone with them to help prevent another fall.

Has Their Health Changed?

Is your parents’ health changing? If they were diagnosed with kidney disease five years ago, is it getting worse? They had diabetes for 10 years, but they’re struggling to keep their blood sugar levels stabilized now.

If your parent was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago, you might start to notice that their forgetfulness is worsening. their personality changes are becoming impossible to ignore. Those are all signs that they need more help at home.

Are People Still Helping Them As Much As They Used To?

Every Saturday, you used to spend the day taking your parent shopping and helping them prepare meals for the week. You’ve had a job change at work, and you now work every other weekend. You can’t be there to help your parents.

If family caregivers have had changes to work schedules, feel overwhelmed, or have other obligations arising, it’s time to address the need for additional caregivers. You shouldn’t let your parents’ care overwhelm you, and they shouldn’t have to go without supervision when they need it.

What Do You Do Next?

What do you do when a few hours of care are not enough? How do you know if it’s time for 24-hour home care services?

It’s time to talk to 24-hour home care experts. A specialist in 24-hour home care can walk you through the variety of services, go over prices, and help you schedule the caregiver services that will best support your parent’s desire to live independently in their current home.


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