Does it seem like your elderly loved one has forgotten what exercise is? Many senior citizens spend their days watching television, chatting on the phone, and napping. However, it is still very important for senior citizens to exercise and be healthy. This is why, as a family caregiver, you can help your elderly loved one to start getting more into fitness. Keep reading for some tips to start working with your elderly loved one on this.

Talking to Their Doctor First

Elderly Care Alpharetta GA - Helping Your Elderly Loved One Get More Into Fitness

Elderly Care Alpharetta GA – Helping Your Elderly Loved One Get More Into Fitness

One of the first things that you will need to do, before getting your elderly loved one more into fitness, is to talk to their doctor. It is important to make sure that the exercises your elderly loved one will be doing are safe for them. Not every senior citizen can do the same types of exercises. For instance, if your elderly loved one suffers from back issues, they may have to do different exercises than someone who doesn’t have these issues. Once you get the okay from your elderly loved one’s doctor, you can start helping them to implement more fitness into their lifestyle.

Slow and Steady

After you have gotten the approval from your elderly loved one’s doctor, you can start them off slow and steady. You and elderly care providers should make sure your loved one isn’t jumping into intense workouts. They should start with basic stretches and minor workouts. As their body gets more used to exercising, they can do a bit more.

Sports Might Be Fun

Your elderly loved one might have fun playing sports, as well. This a great fitness opportunity for the elderly. It gives them a chance to socialize, get in a good workout, and get out of their house, too. There are numerous sports that might be good for your elderly loved one. Bowling, tennis, and golf might be sports that your elderly loved one would like. You can talk to your loved one to find out what sports they may want to try. Then, you can check in their area to see what is available.

These are some of the ways that you and elderly care providers can start helping your loved one to get more into fitness. Senior citizens need to keep exercising and staying healthy. Fitness is one way they can prevent health issues and stay energized. Share these tips with your elderly loved one today. Encourage them to pick one of these fitness tips to start off with. In a few weeks, they can add in another fitness tip to boost their health even more.


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